Immigration and nationality law

We offer a comprehensive service to those seeking various types of immigration applications. We have significant experience in dealing with these matters and have a specialist team of solicitors dedicated to providing clients with the desired outcome through all stages of the immigration process.

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Civil Litigation

Most individuals and businesses will, at some time, find themselves in a dispute which cannot be resolved without the involvement of lawyers specialising in negotiations, alternative dispute resolution or court proceedings. When a dispute arises, our aim is to quickly understand the issues and provide sensible advice to resolve the matter before views become entrenched.

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Crime and Money Laundering

Becoming the subject of a criminal investigation or prosecution, no matter what the character of the alleged offence, is always a demanding and stressful experience.

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Family Law

We have a team of specialists who provide an excellent quality of advice and represent clients in all aspects of family law. All of our casework is privately funded (at competitive rates) and we remain committed to provide service which is good value for your money.

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Commercial Property

We pride ourselves on providing the highest levels of client service as the cornerstone of our conveyancing practice.
Our firm’s commitment is to provide a fast and professional service and to remove the complications and the stresses from your conveyancing transaction. We keep you fully informed about your conveyancing transaction and guide you through from start to finish in a simple and easy to understand style. Call us today.

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Private Client

Offering a modern and proactive approach, our team can advise you on the most important tasks an individual can undertake for the future.
This can include drafting Wills for the disposal of assets on death, as well as preparing Lasting Powers of Attorney to appoint person’s to make decisions on your behalf in specific circumstances.

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