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In 1999, Haq Hamilton Solicitors was founded with the aim of offering a bespoke service to the local community. We have grown over the years and continue to maintain our specialist professional service to clients in the local community.

Services We Provide

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Immigration and nationality law

We offer a comprehensive service to those seeking various types of immigration applications.
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Civil Litigation

Civil Litigation

Most individuals and businesses will, at some time, find themselves in a dispute which cannot be resolved without the involvement of lawyers
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Proceeds of Crime

Confiscation proceedings are always a demanding and stressful experience therefore we will ensure you understand the complexities of the process at all stages and address any concerns you may have.
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Family Law

We have a team of specialists who provide an excellent quality of advice and represent clients in all aspects of family law.
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Property Solicitors


We pride ourselves on providing the highest levels of client service as the cornerstone of our conveyancing practice.
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Wills and Probate

Offering a modern and proactive approach, our team can draft Wills for the disposal of assets and assist you in obtaining Probate for the administration of a deceased’s estate.
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Our reputation is the proof!